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My fragrant post-bath aroma makes humans rethink their definitions of wet-dog smell.

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Hot Springs Pet Therapy

Please donate to this dogtastic organization that visits nursing homes & children homes.

Hot Springs Pet Therapy

     Hot Springs Pet Therapy is growing by leaps and bounds.  It has now grown to include Hot Springs and surrounding communities.  It is a vital volunteer group.  If you would like to become part of a program that brings joy to those in need, or if you know of a facility/organization who might benefit from our visits, please contact us by email at bowwow@hotspringspettherapy.com .  We are always looking for new places for our pets to spread the love.

     The Hot Springs Pet Therapy program was started in 1997 by Ted Ericson.  We were originally called Hot Springs Pets for the Elderly Program.  Our mission was, and still is, to bring together people and pets as a form of therapy. In the Fall of 2002, Phi Theta Kappa honors group from Garland County Community College joined HSPT to volunteer. With the addition of volunteers from the college other groups such as the Beta Club of Hot Springs High School joined in. 

     In January 2006, the group went through a major re-organization.  We officially became a non-profit organization with the State of Arkansas, and in December 2006, our name became Hot Springs Pet Therapy, Inc.  As of 2015, we have around 50 volunteers, most of whom visit a certain location at least once a month. We have become a strong volunteer force in Central Arkansas. 

     Our main focus is to visit nursing homes, but we also visit schools, state/county children's facilities, libraries, park district functions, and so on.

     To become a member all dogs must be temperament-tested by a veterinarian who has been selected by HSPT to evaluate your dog. Please understand this is not an obedient test, this is a temperament test. The veterinarian does not charge for this test. Please email HSPT if you have any questions/concerns about the temperament test. This temperament test is not to discourage you from joining with your dog; however, we visit several facilities where there are loud noises, wheelchairs, loud children, and/or other HSPT therapy dogs present. Below is an example of a temperament test that has been given in the past.


Name of Dog/Owner ______________________________________________


  • Calmly walking on Leash                                        P        F
  • Acceptance of neutral & friendly strangers.      P        F
  • Tolerant of friendly contact
  • Calm around other dogs                                         P        F
  • Reactions to distractions                                        P        F
  • Approaching persons in chairs/wheelchairs      P        F
  • Acceptance of wheelchairs, walkers, canes       P        F
  • Appearance & grooming                                        P        F

Automatic Failures include:
      Any negative reaction of the dog, e.g., startled without recovery 
      Aggressively barking, jumping up, growling, lunging or extreme shyness.

 Comments from evaluator:


Evaluator(s): ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________ Date: _____________________